Gamescom Asia 2023 has wrapped up, but the echoes of laughter and shared excitement still linger in our hearts. Nestled among the giants of the gaming industry, our cozy indie booth for “RunOut – RunFun Together” might have seemed small in size, but it was immense in spirit and passion.

Our indie presence at Gamescom Asia was a testament to what creativity, dedication, and a bit of indie magic can achieve. Despite the grand scale of the event, we found our booth becoming a charming haven for those who sought something different, something crafted with love and attention to detail.

Our journey to Gamescom Asia 2023 was fueled by dreams and countless hours of hard work. As a small team, each member wore multiple hats, pouring their soul into every aspect of “RunOut – RunFun Together.” This event was more than just an exhibition; it was our opportunity to share our vision, our game, and our story with the world.

If you’ve missed out this event, Don’t worried!! Visit our Social Media and website for a recap of all the action, exclusive interviews, and a sneak peek into what’s next for “RunOut”. Your support means the world to us, and we can’t wait to share what’s next on our adventure together.

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